How do I book a Group Camping Site?

To book a group camp site your group must meet the minimum requirements according to each site. You are able to book these group sites online through the Accommodations page or email Please be mindful of the minimums as if the minimums are not met then you will be charged for being under.
Where do I book a boat rental?

Boat rentals are to be booked at the store NOT over the phone. We ask you do this to ensure waivers are signed and forms are completed. If you are not camping within the resort please call the morning of the day you would like to book, as the preference of the rentals will be first given to those residing within the resort.
What time is checkout?

Checkout for Rv's is 1pm. Checkout for Cabins is 11am. Checkout for Day Use is 10pm. Please keep in mind we do have security monitoring regularly.
How do I get a seasonal site?

You can go into the "General Information/Pricing" tab here on the website and at the bottom is the application. Print it out, fill it out and email it to
How do I get a camping spot?

Everything is first-come first-serve. We will never turn you away and will always find a space for you. We do book group sites in advance but require 8 units or more. For all smaller parties we just do first-come first-serve. We do have sites large enough for all sizes of parties when going along first-come first-serve!