COVID-19 Risk mitigation


Covid-19 Update

March 29th, 2021: At this time we are continuing to follow and enforce the AHS protocols. 

With the outside gatherings of more than 10 personals socially distanced being prohibited by AHS our current group bookings are on hold. With that said if you are to book a group site now or have one already booked, you will have guaranteed confirmation until further notice. In the event of this restriction to not be lifted by the time of reservation, no amount will be charged at all.

At this time, this is the only update in regards to COVID-19, bookings and the season.

Please expect another update beginning of May 2021.


* Please be aware of signage throughout the park from both alberta.ca/covid19 as well as our own signage for yourself and your family's safety.
* Please use all common sense when within the park.
* Please be fully aware of all social distancing implications.
* The restaurant will be providing take-out and delivery service and now dine-in.


* Although we do not allow online booking for our overnight sites, we do have immense measures in place for our customers and staff to minimize contact as well as time spent in somewhat close proximity while checking in and selecting a site.
* We ask incoming customers to have a good idea as to location and amenities for their desired site, so that time deciding is minimized.
* Debit/credit machines are sanitized after every use.
* For contact tracing purposes, we do have in place a more in-depth and secure database to hold customers information for each person staying at a campsite.
* Campers will be screened upon arrival and vocally presented with recommendations and more information regarding health and safety measures if requested.

Physical Distancing

* We encourage our campers to be aware of gathering restrictions and ask to be careful in their activities and to try to stay within their site unless going to use washrooms, shower houses or walks throughout the park or shared trails.
* A smaller maximum occupancy for all shower houses, washrooms and laundry buildings has been implemented.
* Children's movie nights have been cancelled to eliminate gatherings.
* Appropriate measures have been placed within the store to ensure proper physical distancing.
* The beach has signage posted and regular patrol to ensure appropriate mitigation.
* Posters from alberta.ca/covid19 are displayed thoroughly throughout the park.
* Campers are advised by word and posters that if an amenity is busy, such as washrooms, laundry, showers, it is best to come back outside of peak times or use a different location.
* Spit guard screens will be placed before full opening to ensure safety in regards to the store/retail as well as for all check-ins.
* Outside gatherings of maximum 100 people are allowed as long as physical distancing is in order.

Cleaning Protocols & Equipment

* A log of all daily cleaning as well as records of inventory of all gloves, masks and supplies is being kept.
* The cleaning of the washrooms, shower houses, garbage bins, water pumps, sewage dumps and laundry, are the highest priority to our cleaning staff and are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected four times a day. If these areas are being used more than usual, then our staff clean more, all depending on the demand.
* All rental equipment that is being booked out will go through a 30 minute-deep clean before the next booking.
* Contactless pay is encouraged to all to avoid the use of cash. If need be, the debit/credit machine is needed precautions of a protective layer that have been placed upon all devices ( including the atm ).
* Hand-sanitizer exceeding 60% alcohol is placed throughout the park where maybe needed.

Recommendations Made to Campers.

* Wash & sanitize hands before and after visiting shared amenities with high-touch surfaces such as garbage bins and door handles, docks, water fill stations & dumping stations.
* Asking to bring something to cover their picnic tables with, like a sheet or cloth before using.
* Wear shower shoes or shower sandals within the shower house.
* If applicable, use washroom facilities within one's RV instead of our facilities to reduce traffic.
* Ensure children using the park sanitize before and after use.

For any other unanswered questions please proceed to the FAQ page.